Video Conversions and Publishing to Web (unsupported format)

I work with an LMS that is run through a website that supports the playing of WMVs and MPEG2 codec only. Before I upgraded to the 13' Articulate, I used the Video Encoder to convert all video files I needed to run through the LMS to FLVs. I noticed the new 13' version auto-converts to MP4s for the videos I embed (WMVs).

The issue I am encountering is that when I insert a WMV file to the PPT, publish to web and then post in our LMS, the slide that contains the video does not play. I think it's because it was converted to MP4, and our website does not support that format. Is there anyway I can change that? Or use Articulate to conver the WMV or any video file format I may come across to FLV (no alpha channel) or SWF so it does not convert to MP4?

Thank you for your help!


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Melissa! 

Articulate Presenter supports numerous video file formats. SWF, FLV, and MP4 are natively supported. Other formats will be automatically converted to MP4.

You would be able to use SWF or FLV without the conversion happening.

If you would like to read more about this, check out this tutorial.