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Dec 14, 2011

Sorry to post this under Presenter, but there's not a heading for Video Encoder, so here goes. Is there a way I can import a video that is already in .flv, into Encoder then use Encoder to edit, as in trim off the end or beginning? Or if not in Encoder, any way with any of the Articulate Studio products? Our video producer gives me .flv files for easy insertion into Articulate; there are times when I could save both of us a lot of time if I could do simple edits myself, like I can do with other types of video files - except .flv. Any help would be appreciated - if there's a free download video editor available that you would recommend, I'd appreciate some guidance there, too.

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Pam Boyd

Sorry to branch off of this thread with my own question, but I'm hoping someone subscribing to this thread will be able to help me.

The "working" file I received for my video was .flv. I converted it to .mov and would like to remove only a small portion of the narration in Video Encoder. I don't want to remove the particular portion of the video that's associated with that section of narration; I only want the narration removed. I don't have the original audio file, only the .flv (which is now converted). Is there a way to do this?

Thanks in advance for any guidance!

I can't wait until I'm able to repay the favor by actually answering someone's question (seems a long ways off though!)

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Isabella! I was just following up on your case and I see where Joe sent you some information to check/troubleshoot by (he e-mailed on 9/18 and it should have come from if you need to check your spam folder). Just respond to your case if you have any further questions/issues with what he has advised.

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