Video Encoder Issue - Error Message after Publishing

Feb 25, 2011

Has anyone experienced t an error message after Publishing a .wmv file which says Error encoding -Encoder could not publish this video (or words to that effect?) I get it every time after trynig to publish a .wmv file which is about 35mb.  Or doesn't size matter?

Any ideas why such error after what seems to be a simple task of trying to publish a .wmv file?


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Avinash Chandarana

Hi Justin..of course this time I tried. It worked however I was not aware that converting a .WMV file to flash can actually make the end .FLV file size larger than the original. I just went from a 33mb .wmv to a 82mb .flv.

Any tips to keep file size to a minimum but taking into consideration that resolution can't be too small as the content of the video shows a recorded powerpoint  slide presentation with voice over?

Justin Wilcox

The size will be dependent on the dimensions of the video and the audio and video bitrate. I strongly recommend using a calculator to figure out the proper dimensions and bitrates for your video:

I wouldn't bother installing the codec pack if it worked because that indicates you have the proper codecs installed on your machine to convert WMV.

Brian Batt

Hi Mark & welcome to Heroes,

That error message may indicate the following: 

* The location to which you are publishing is Read-Only. 

* There is not enough available disk space to publish the presentation in the selected location. 

You will need to select a publish location that is not Read-Only or increase your available disk space. It is recommended that you coordinate with your IT staff to correct these issues.

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