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Jan 22, 2016


This issue is about Studio 13 when I publish my courses with FLV video inserted, it does not play back from the LMS, as they convert to MP4 which is not supported by our LMS (for business purposes which are out of my control).

Choosing to publish as Flash only without HTML5 selected did not work. All published content output files for videos are mp4  and therefore won't play on our LMS. I have seen a previous discussion with the similiar problem but no answer was noted as this was dealt with off-line.

Can anyone offer any assistance?


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Mark Pearson

Thanks for the replies, is is not possible for us to link to videos hosted elsewhere, we have very strict rules and quite a lot of external websites are blocked by our servers. I have previously looked at the website you linke to Leslie and had also seen information as per attached graphic which indicates that FLV files shoudl remain in the native format.


We are also investigating with our server providers to switch on the setting to allow MP4 files.




Mark Pearson

Thanks Leslie, my mistake, it is Articulate Studio 13 that I use and after reading the wrong specs for Storyline I was expecting to keep the FLV files rather than them being encoded to MP4. After reading teh correct spec for how videos are encoded in Articulate Studio 13 and that SWF files are retained, this is no longer an issue. We are still working with our service providers to try to add mp4 to the list of files allowed on the server.

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