Video fuzzy.

Feb 28, 2013

I've got a video that is 640x512. It looks great outside of articulate, but looks terrible when I go to publish. It is in H.264 MPEG4 format. Are there any other necessary settings as far as frame rate or pixel shape that I can use to make this video clearer?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Julee,

Hmm. It may just be my eyes, but the video actually looks a little blurry to me, outside of Presenter and PowerPoint. 

Just out of curiosity, how are you viewing it outside of the presentation? Are you viewing it in Premier? If so, can you open the file on its own and view it in another program, like Windows Media Player? Is it still crisp there?

Julee Jaeger

Also I know that the screen for Aritculate is 1024x768, but when reduce my video to that size, and then import it, it is too big for the slide in Articulate.  I have to get it down to 720x540 for it to fit vertically.  It seems like there is some setting that I am missing for proper Articulate video encoding.  I have Articulate Video Encoder.  Is there something better I can do there?

Christine Hendrickson


I see, so the video you posted isn't the same as the one that's not displaying properly? If you'd like us to take a look at the entire presentation, maybe we can give some suggestions for producing the best quality with the video you'd like to use. 

Please create an Articulate Presenter package by following the steps in the following article:

Send to Articulate Presenter Package

Attach the .ZIP file to the second page of the following form: 

Submit a Support Case

Please be sure to include a description of your issue and also include the URL for this thread in the case. Also, if possible, please share the case number with me, so I can follow up with you in this thread. You're welcome to share the case number in this thread, or send it to me in a private message.

Christine Hendrickson

Good morning Julee,

I was just checking in on your case this morning and I see that Jayem sent you a response last night. Just wanting to check in with you to be sure you received his message. Looks like he was able to work with the video to improve the quality. 

If you haven't seen the message, please first try to check your spam folder or filters with your email. If you still don't see it, I'd be happy to send the message again. 

If you have received the email, and this resolved the problem, just let me know and I'll make note on your case. 

If you have received it and you're still unable to see the improved quality, please respond to Jayem when you have a chance, so he can continue working with you on this. 

Thanks Julee!


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