Video help?

OK Heroes, I need some help! This is the layout for my 3-step module on Communication. There will be three different "stations" with programs on our three topics. (And in between, we're going to show our funny "commercials" we've made for the training department!)

I want to start out by having them push the button on the TV and I want a video with old-time static that will come on the screen, then fade into the page you see now.

I figured out how to embed a video BUT, is there a way for me to customize the player so it's not a rectangle, but this old-fashioned TV screen oval? OR, is there a way to put the TV in front of the video? Does anybody know how to cut a hole in a picture?

Thanks in advance for all the help and great ideas on this site! I love this place!


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Dwayne Schamp

You cannot layer videos behind images in the current version of Studio 9. The video layer is always on top. You would have to mask out the screen section and put it together in the video editor, them import the entire video into your course.

As for the interface; you would have to create a new interface using the SDK to get away from the main rectangle look. You could use the slide only view and put the video in. that would remove most of the interface items without having to learn how to use the SDK. I'm sure there is someone on the board that already has one they might be willing to let you "borrow" though as I have seen this look and feel used before.

Peter Anderson

Hey Gina!

David Anderson shared some great links with me that might get you going in the exact direction you're hoping for:

Good luck