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Greg Dixon


I tried to send my Package as an attachment, but got a Server Error 505.

I'll try again.

This is a download link for the Package


Please look at slides 2-4-6-10-23

The video is only about half the length of the Timeline.

I have used Articulate for many years. I recently purchased Presenter '13 and have had several persistent problems.

1. This video/timeline problem

2. The mouse pointer getting lost behind the Preview Panes

3. PowerPoint just freezing. I have to launch Task Manager and kill it.

Hope you can help.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Greg!

Are you working locally and not on a network drive?

I see what you are reporting, but I am unable to re-create this issue, even with your own video file. 

As to the other issues that you are mentioning, if you are having issues with Presenter in general, you may need to conduct a repair of your software.

If you are not utilizing the latest update, which is update 4, please download that here and it will repair as well.

Greg Dixon

Leslie, let me make sure I'm understanding what you experienced.

First of all, everything is stored locally.

You said " I see what you are reporting..."
Does that mean that you see that the video is much shorter than the timeline in preview mode?

You are "unable to recreate it even with my video"
Can I assume from this that you created a new slide, inserted my video and the timeline matched the length of the video?

Honestly, I get varied results. There were times that I replaced a longer Audio file with a shorter video file. When the Timeline was too long, I considered that it might be "remembering" the timeline from the audio.
I have tried various scenarios, none of which have given me a workaround for this.

I am using Update 4. I downloaded it just a couple of weeks ago. I used it in Free Demo mode for a few days. When I paid for it, I downloaded it again, and performed the Repair. That was last Thursday.
I will download it again, and repeat the process.

I never had these types of problems when I used it 3-4 years ago. We have multiple licenses here at ScanSource and I don't know what other users' experiences are. I think that I might have the only '13 version.

I am spending hours longer on this project, because I am fighting with the Articulate software. I'm a big fan of the product, but my current experience is not good.

Please take another shot at this. I'm desperate.


Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the updated information Greg, and I haven't given up on you :)

You are correct, I'm inserting a video into a new slide and they are matching.

I do think that you may have just identified your issue though :)

Check out this article for more information on using slides that previously had audio.

Let me know how the repair goes.

Dave Neuweiler

Hello Greg, I had a similar problem a few years back using '09.

This might help out as a workaround: create a silent audio file at the same length (or maybe a second or two longer to allow for the video to begin to play), and insert that as narration. That should get the synchronization back in order.

Greg Dixon

I appreciate the efforts.
But Presenter is a sophisticated and expensive piece of software. I guess I expect more than time consuming work-arounds.
Could this have something to do with how I am editing my video? I simply render a portion of a master file as a MP4 file and insert it using the Video function.

Pardon the short response.
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Greg Dixon