video loading issues

I created a course and stored it in dropbox.  I am receiving feedback from those who have viewed the course that the videos take several minutes to load and in some cases they don't load at all.  Is this an dropbox issue or Articulate issue?  The videos are mp4 files that have been converted to flash in Articulate. I have several quiz slides which house two videos on each.  The rest of the videos are set on on individual slides.  I am very proud of my effort, but it is over shadowed by the technical issues.

Email me, if you'd like to take a look at the course.

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Justin Wilcox

Articulate supports MP4 files. I would try simply using those. I would also make sure you are sharing your presentations via Dropbox like this:

Lastly, it's helpful to use a calculator to determine proper audio and video bitrates for your files:

Phil Mayor

Hi Evette

I hate to disagree with the Articulate people, but if you are using progressive download (i.e. not a media server) and you are having the videos load slowly, then flv is the better format.  This is becuase for mp4 through the articlate player you will have to wait for the whole file to download before it starts to play wheras a flv will play once it has downloaded enough to be able to start, sorry Justin.

I expect the main issue is that you are using dropbox as a preview, and this should improve a bit on a production server


Peter Anderson

Videos in Articulate Studio ‘09 content will progressively download, so that users will not have to wait for the entire video to be downloaded to their computer before playback begins.

In some cases, however, an MP4 file may not be properly formatted to allow progressive downloading, which means users would have to wait for the video to be fully downloaded before it begins to play.  If you have an MP4 file that is exhibiting this behavior in your published content, you may be able to correct it.  Here's how.

Thomas Smith

Thanks Phil Mayor for your comment, I actually wanted the video to play only after downloading and had nearly given up till I saw your post... Im only a week working with Storyline and am in love with it already!  Cant wait to see you guys incorporate image motion across screen animations in a near update, but meanwhile I have plenty of great functionality to be getting on with!

I am especially happy to see such a supportive community and to be able to work with a program that doesnt crash every hour when working with it... the more I use Storyline the more I love it after 12 years working with Toolbook... keep up the good work!