Video Looping Procedure in Articulate Studio 13

Hello Friends,

I have one video in .wmv format which I need to play in loop in Articulate Studio 13. Can you please suggest its possible or not? If yes, then how it can be done.

I have tried two work around-

1- By converting  .wmv to Gif format.  Its working fine in loop in Articulate, but when I am publish this file with LMS, the Gif animation quality gets very low.

2- I also tried by converting .wmv to swf  but when I publish the file, video does not appears.

Please suggest me if there is any method to play video in loop in Articulate Studio 13.


Robin Bhardwaj.


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Robin!

Great idea to convert to a GIF file, and I wouldn't expect you to lose quality after publishing. Perhaps you could attach the GIF file here so folks in the community could give it a test?

The SWF file should have played, since Presenter '13 supports SWF. This thread is much older, but it has some good suggestions for creating a looping effect with a SWF. 

The more you can share with us, the better! That way, we can take a peek inside and give you suggestions on how to get your looping video up and running.

Robin Bhardwaj

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for replying me.

I would be unable to share the GIF video here on a public forum due to NDA signed with our client. Please provide the email ID (if possible) on which I can send the GIF for your reference.

I have tried using SWF as per your suggestion. Then video was appearing in loop when I preview the slide in Articulate presenter. But when I published this file with LMS setting, video did not appear on that slide.

I would be looking for any other solution to resolve the issue.


Robin Bhardwaj.