Video (non-interactive SWF) won't replay totally

Dec 02, 2014

So, I've had a few problems with a .swf I try to import to my Presenter. :'(

And I've put so much effort/time into making this work, that I really want it to work in the end (and not use an alternative...).


Here's my last problem and the solution I found :


Now the problem is, when someone tries to replay the slide, it only plays the beginning of the animation, the sound continues (because it's imported within the Articulate), but the flash stops.

My flash video contains a imported text from a .xml file, imported images and a javascript file. I bring all these files into the exported folder. It works once, but only partly after that. Why is that?


Thank you!

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Geneviève Jacques

Oh well then... I don't know quite well AS3 and the file is really complicated. So I can't correct all the problems the transitions between the two does. :(

It's sad, in the older version, it worked with AS2, but not with Flash Player 10. And now it works with Flash Player 10, but not with AS2. Either way, my flash did not work.

I'll have to use the alternative solution. Sniff.

Thanks anyway for the time spent on my case.

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