Video not playing when previewing or publishing


I am creating an elearning module out of a PowerPoint presentation. One of the slides (Slide 12) contains a video in .mp4 format. The video is configured to fade in and play automatically, but whenever I preview it or publish it, the video never starts playing. It's weird because when I work under the ARTICULATE tab in the PowerPoint, I'm able to see the video with no problems...

Can anyone please take a look at the file? Thanks!

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Helen Tyson

Hi Pamela,

You got most of the through your question yourself by spotting the videos inserted on the Articulate tab work just fine.

When a course is published using Presenter all the controls are embedded in the .ppta file which is created when you use the features from the Articulate tab. What this means - in basic terms - is that the course player can't "see" media that is added via the PPT Insert menu, it can only see media added from the Articulate tab. 

The solution is to remove any video videos that are inserted in PPT and reinsert them via the Articulate tab.

You're not going mad. It's not you. It's just the way the blend of the two pieces of software works.


Helen Tyson

You can't add animation to the Articulate videos, but to create a similar effect I'd cover the video with some form of mask - e.g. a suitable still image or copy of the slide background - and have that fade out to reveal the video behind. It's a little bit of smoke and mirrors, but it does the trick.