Video Not Showing In Presenter 13

S0, I have a module in Presenter 13 that is packaged for the Web and posted. It runs beatifuly, expcept for when it comes to short little video clips. Even on Window-based computers, the video clips do not play or show up on the screen.

This had worked in a previous version of Persenter (09) but for some reason is not working in the 13 version. Note that it works just fine on my computer in test mode but doesn't when put on the server. I had the IT person reload the files, ensuring not to break the video files from the folder. The videos still don't play.

Has anyone run into this problem as well? Or maybe have ideas as to what might be going on here? The computers running the program from the web have the updated players installed, although I don't know about the server (or if that matters).

Please HELP!!!!



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lance!

Can you provide some additional information about what update you are currently on in Presenter '13?

I know we had this issue previously (not sure that this is applicable to you):

You may find that videos are removed from a presentation when you upgrade it to Articulate Presenter '13 if your system's Language for non-Unicode programs is set to a non-Western language, such as Chinese, Japanese, or Russian. This issue was fixed in Update 2 for Presenter. See this article for more information.

These are also common reasons that the videos will not play.
You can test the behavior in SCORM Cloud to see if it is an issue with the course or with the server if you'd like.