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Hi All

I have a video on a slide which I have set to start on Click (rather than automatically). The slide plays fine with my narration, I then prompt the viewer to pause the narration (if they choose) and click on the video - works fine...until you click to the resume the playing of the slide and the video starts again so you have two audios playing at the same time (until you click the video to pause it).

Is there anyway so that when the user clicks to resume play of the slide, the video won't start playing again?

So that you know what the video is for, the file is an English lesson which has (by necessity) long passages of text and we need to allow those who find reading difficult to hear the text being spoken (hence the video) and for those users for whom it isn't necessary they don't need the video playing (hence it playing on click rather than automatically).

I have tried various ways of inserting audio onto the slides such as via branching slides so users are taken to a different slide with the text narrated but when they come back to the original slide the narration of the original slide plays from the start.

The video is the best way I have found apart from this one issue.

Many thanks.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Fiona,

I think I understand what's happening here and I think it might be due to how you've inserted the video. 

Did you insert the video from a file, web site, or as a web object? 

Also, if you're able to share an Articulate Package of the project, that may help us better understand what's happening here and see if there's a better option for this particular slide. 


Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Fiona,

Thanks for the file. 

I had a little trouble opening it at first, but I realized this was because the Articulate file and the PowerPoint file had two different names. Just a heads-up that this won't work properly if you need to share elsewhere in the future :)

Now, I don't see a video in the slide that you shared, but I do hear the audio that you provided. I inserted the video myself, and set it to play "when clicked". 

When I preview and listen to the audio, I'm able to pause the slide then play the video. If I pause the video and resume the slide by clicking "Play" I don't hear an overlap. 

If you're clicking "Play" or the "Restart/Refresh" button, this is going to replay your audio on the slide. If that happens, it may play on top of your video. What you'll want to do is make sure you're stopping and/or pausing the video before doing this, or you'll hear both. 

If I'm not following what's happening on your end correctly, please let me know!



fiona wilson

Apologies Christine, I was trying to multi task when I created the folder and failed miserably! I redid it and found that the issue wasn't there anymore. It was a colleague who asked me to figure out what was causing the problem so I will ask them about how they inserted the file.

What were you thinking might be the issue? You mentioned it in a previous post above.

Many thanks for your help on this.

Best regards


fiona wilson

Right I have spoken to my colleague who found this issue and the thing she is doing to get the two audios playing at once is this:

Pause the slide narration

Click the Listen button

Then rather than hitting the Play button to resume the slide narration, she used the seek bar to move the playback to a different time then hit Play.

If you do this hitting Play does indeed set the second audio to play at the same time as the Slide narration.

As I was writing this I wasn't sure it made sense so have done a screen record to show what she does (basically she's trying to think like a student and trying to predict any issues the students may have in playing the recording).

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Fiona,

Thanks for the additional information and the video - that makes sense :)

The only problem I'm having at this point is that I don't actually see a video file or audio file in the slide that you shared. 

In the slide, I see the "Listen" image - but when I preview, there's no audio playing for the slide itself and there's no "Listen" image. 

It might be best to share the entire package at this point - I think something's getting lost in between. If the file's too large to share here, you're welcome to submit it in a support case. If you do so, please be sure to enter the following in the case description:  ::christine::

That will ensure that the case and file are assigned to me. 

If, however, you're able to share the full project here, that'd be great too :)