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I am inserting a Flash movie into a PowerPoint presentation. When I preview the slide containing the flash movie, the video begins to play but around the 9 minute mark (the video is 13 minutes long) the video position bar freezes. The audio and video continue to play, but the position bar does not advance. I published the entire presentation to see if this would fix the issue but again the position bar freezes and the user must click the next arrow to advance to the next slide; while all of the other slides advance automatically. Any suggestions are very much appreciated.

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Peter Anderson

Hey Eloy, welcome to Heroes!

Flash supports a maximum of 16,000 frames. At 30 frames per second (which is the default setting in Articulate software), that translates to 8 minutes and 53 seconds. 

This Adobe support document provides additional information on Flash limits.

So if you change the "frames per second" setting in Articulate Presenter to 15, then you should be able to record up to 17 minutes of narration for a single slide.  Here's a quick guide:

15 fps  >>  17:00

20 fps  >>  13:20

30 fps  >>  08:53

To change the "frames per second" setting for your presentation, check out this article. Hope that's helpful!