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Sep 26, 2011

Greetings Articualte,

I have followed all of the Articualte Video best practices.  All of my videos are less than 7 minutes, and I am trying to load 5 of them into one module across 5 slides.  When I go to insert the Flash movie, Presenter hangs on me.  I have been able to insert 3 of the 5 videos.  I did a reboot for the last video in order to get it to load. 

Any ideas for me?

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Brian Batt

Hi Derek,

This typically happens when the time code for the FLV is written in the wrong place.  Did you convert the file with Articulate Video Encoder?  If not, to resolve the issue, you can reconvert it using Articulate Video Encoder or using this method:

1.  Open FormatFactory (

2.  Drag your FLV into the FormatFactory window

3.  Select All to FLV

4.  Click the Setting button

5.  In Video Size, Bitrate, and FPS choose Default

6.  Adjust the audio settings as needed

(Note:  Choosing default will just take the file other words, it'll just re-encode it without making changes to the size and the other options)

7.  Click OK and OK

8.  When you're back in the main window, click Start.  This will convert the file.

9.  When it's done, click the Output folder and take note of the location

10.  Open Articulate Presenter & reimport the file.  This should resolve the issue.

If you continue to have problems, reconvert the file to an H264 MP4 file.  This can be done within FormatFactory as well.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Derek Rohde

HI Brain,

I am still having a problem with Articulate hanging when I insert videos.  I have used the suggested FormatFactory etc.  I have also used Articualte Vidoe Encoder to format and I am still have an issue with the sofware locking up. 

You suggested that I " reconvert the file to an H264 MP4 file.  This can be done within FormatFactory as well."   Is this still a suggestion even when using the Articualte encoder?

Derek Rohde

The files are not on the network and are located on my local drive.   I can load one or two into the project, and when i go to load another, the system hangs and Articulate no longer functions--i.e. I have to close and reopen. 

Brian suggested: "" reconvert the file to an H264 MP4 file.  This can be done within FormatFactory as well."  which I am trying.  The issue that concerns me is that I get a warning from presenter that "the video codec may not be supported or play in Flash player." 

When I publish I get the audio from the video only. 

Any thoughts tips or suggestions will be appreciated.    Also what is "H264"  is that a choice in FormatFactory?  I choose the MP 4 format.

Derek Rohde

Thanks Brian you are a genius!  This worked for getting my videso into the project.    What happened after i published and sent to the FTP is that I found the project will not play across our FTP site--I am guessing they dont play due to the fact that we do no pay for "streaming video" and the MP4 files are movie files instead of Flash.

So back to the origianl issue:

Any other thoughts on why my system might be locking up when I insert more than one Flash video?  I do have a workaround, but it requires me to use one of your competitors products and results in a lot of rework for me.

Any tips will be appreciated---and again, thanks for your support on this.  You have been very helpful.

Jim Heiliger

Curious what your FLV file sizes are (I suspect that's the issue). We usually use Flash Video Encoder for FLV conversion, as that allows us to manipulate a lot of settings. We have control of video and audio quality, final aspect ratio, etc. Sorry, don't mean to note another software solution, just something that works well for us.

Gabriela Villanueva


Actually - must have been a momentary glitch - I deleted the FLV retried and now the video and audio is matching.  What happens next though is that the FLV will only play locally on my computer.  When I place the file on the network it does not play for my colleagues. 

I believe here on eLearnings it's chalking it up to a MIME issue?

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