Video Seeking Problem

Hi.  I finally have my video uploaded to the internet, though it's set to private right now.  But when I try to seek through larger MP4s that I have on it, the video freezes for a couple of minutes before finally playing again.  I've played other articulate videos online and haven't had this problem.  I don't know why I'd be having this problem with my video.  Test articulate videos of the same presentation (though with only 1 short MP4 on them) play fine.  This one isn't, though.  The entire presentation size is 415 MB.  I was told that an MP4 was the best thing to use (rather than a swf or an flv), and MP4s do work better, but why am I having this seeking problem?

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Brian Batt

Hi Tammy,

Phil is exactly right.  Unless the MP4 has been downloaded completely, the seeking won't work as expected.

For example, if you open a slide that contains an MP4 and you immediately try to scroll to 75% of the video played, the MP4 file won't start playing until the previous 74% has been downloaded.

Tammy Smith

Ack.  I was worried about that. :(  I had briefly forgotten about the MP4 needing to be completely downloaded before you can scroll.  So I guess I'm back to working with James on getting the preloader to work. lol.

Thank you both very much for the info.  I really appreciate it.  I wish I could make the video primarily in PowerPoint and just use MP4s for real-time clips, but Flash just seems easier for me to use (ironic, I know), and the videos have to be pretty small to fit in my background if I made it that way and didn't want them to overlap.

Pray that James and I can get the preloader to work and my video can proceed as is.  Thanks you guys!