Video size for a detailed view

The company I work for is switching portals and we are working in some short (2 to 15 mins) tutorials to guide our users.  In the past we built them using captivate (long and complicated, sometimes unbearable process) and inserting the videos in Articulate presenter, publishing them and the result was a good quality product.

This time, we opted to go simple and faster using screen recording with either Storyline or Presenter.  My first Storyline version (I haven't have the time to replace) is very sad, poor video quality, just being used to 'control the fire', I played with zooming and highlighting but that would not be necessary if my video would be just a good quality one.  Notice that the voice overs for the videos I have them recorded separately so the sync was giving me a lot difficulties, too.  I found out about Replay, where I can sync fast in simple steps and I am loving it but I still have problems with the size of the video displayed after I publish in Presenter.

Last, but not least, in a desperate intent I customized my slides in Presenter to fit a decent video size that would allow viewers to actually 'see' the tutorial.  The result was catastrophic , after playing with the player setting in all the possible combination ways I can think of, when you click the player the presentation comes up in this little tiny box no one older than 15 can see! 

I prepared a package so you can take a look, where can I upload it?

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