Video Volume jumps up in Presenter

May 09, 2018

Hi folks,

I have a course with some inserted MP4 videos. Occasionally, the volume for these starts low, but after a few seconds (perhaps after the file fully downloads), the volume pops back up to the intended level. This is a pretty big difference as with headphones at comfortable listening levels, it starts so low it seems there is no audio at all. Any ideas why this might be? All other course audio is inserted WAVs into Presenter and Quizmaker and that all basically seems fine.


Thank you!

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Crystal Horn

Hello A @work.  Sounds like this isn't happening all the time for these videos.  Are you noticing the volume jump when previewing your slides, or does it only happen when they're launched from their hosted environment (LMS, web, etc)?

I'm curious if the same videos exhibit the behavior, or if it only happens at the beginning of your presentation.  You mentioned loading, so I wanted to share how we preload content in your Studio presentations.

If you'd like to share an example file or link me to some of your output where this happens, I'm happy to have a look!

Adrian Gates

Hi Crystal,
Thanks. Where can I send a link privately?

The problem is intermittent. I'm using Chrome and find it occasionally if skipping around, which is why I thought loading might be a factor if not given a chance to preload by watching the previous slides. My customer is using IE and had some more regular issues.

Thank you!

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