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Aug 07, 2014

The video I've added to my PPT, and published in Articulate plays perfectly on my computer. But when I copy the player and the associated files to the server location where it needs to reside, the slide that has the video won't play. The progress bar along the bottom says "paused" and clicking doesn't help. I can't get it to "unpause". I'm having a hard time troubleshooting, because it works perfectly on my computer. I can't figure out what is happening with the upload that makes a difference. Any ideas? Thanks.

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Bob Wiker

It could have something to do with the Web server's settings and its MIME types (or lack thereof). See these articles:

Though they are displayed as Presenter 09 articles, the issue is with the server so it applies to Presenter 13 as well, I believe.

Rainy Horvath

I am having a similar problem but with links. I am wondering if this problem would be different, or the same..

Using Studio 09, I built a simple "shell" Articulate piece that contains (a) a link to a recorded ADOBE CONNECT movie, and (b) a linkn to a SURVEY MONKEY survey on the next page.

After posting this course to the Cornerstone LMS we have here, if I access the course from my old Windows XP laptop, the course plays normally, the movie plays flawlessly and the link to the survey works. BUT if I switch over to my new Windows 7 machine, the links do not work at all.

I made sure that the popup blocker was not enabled on the Windows 7 machine, but the links simply do not work.

Is this type of problem most likely caused by the browser level, or the OS level? Obviously, the LMS is serving the course or it would not play on the Windows XP machine.

Hope you can help... thanks...

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