Videos disappearing from Presenter project

Aug 27, 2019

I have a Presenter '13 project with sign language videos on each slide, and it needed a change in quiz settings. When I tried to publish the updated file, all of the ASL videos were missing. I did not move or rename any content in the project folder, including the .ppta file, and the folder is on my local drive. This is the second project which "lost" its videos, and short of reinserting all 55 videos, is there something else I can do to resolve this issue? Thank you!

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Karen!

We definitely don't want you reinserting all those video files if you don't have to!

Did you publish the file for LMS or Web? And did you host it on a web server or LMS to test it?

If you're still having trouble, let's have our Support Engineers take a closer look at your Presenter Package. Here's how to create one. 

Once that package is created, send it to our Support Engineers here. They'll help you find the culprit!

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