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We've recently noticed that learners are able to download any videos in our courses when they're using the Google browser. A download button automatically appears and it doesn't seem like we have control on if this appears or not. If using Internet Explore or another browser, we don't have this problem. Anybody encounter this and have found a workaround?



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Jeff Parker

We are having the same problem on some (but not all) machines. We can hear audio but can't see the slides. Alyssa Gomez's link to a solution (above) seems to be a non sequitur. 

All machines are running  Chrome Version 59.0.3071.86 (Official Build) (64-bit).  Presentations do play on other browsers,  including IE and Edge. 


Yasmin V

I understand we have that option, but it's not very helpful since we need them to have control over the videos. There's usually text on our slides that they need to read through before getting to the video and they need to have a seekbar. We shouldn't have to deny them this capability. Although we can put a delay on videos, we can't do the same for videos in Engage interactions.

Yasmin V

I was wondering if you had anyone working on this issue. It appears that the version of Flash in Chrome is affecting the ability to download (see attached). 

My biggest worry is in Engage interactions where we need the users to be able to control when the video starts playing. They have text to read and I don't want it starting automatically. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Yasmin,

What issues are you running into in regards to the download? Are you trying to download videos that are in your published output? 

As for the behavior, it's something that is by design and we're always open to feedback and ideas on how it could work better for you! Send your thoughts alone as a Feature requests here.

Yasmin V

As I mentioned in my original comment, we do not want learners to be able to download our videos for personal use or redistribution. This seems to be an issue with Google Chrome browsers and those that do not have Flash enabled. When defaulted to HTML5, the download button appears. I'm trying to figure out how we can program it so that the download button does not appear.