Videos Missing in Presenter

Good morning all--

I've been dealing with a major problem when I try to transfer my published projects from my desktop to my server at work so other can view them.

When I launch the project, it's shows up blank. No videos or slides show up. Just the blank project.

I've tried zipping the folder before transferring, unzipping once transferred and still the project shows up blank. I've searched in the data folder that is created when you publish a project and ALL the files are there.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a workaround?

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Terry Cabak

What about when you don't upload to a webserver and just transfer the files to a company folder; when I do that a linked image from the server doesn't show and BTW why isn't there any info on req'ts or details of folder pathways when compiling?  Also, while I'm here, does anyone know if Adobe is going to buy Articulate. ISAH hope not.

Brian Batt

Hi Terry and welcome to Heroes,

When you move the project to another company folder, you're likely losing the links to files that PowerPoint is looking for.  Thus, that may cause some issues.  

When transferring files to another computer or folder, we always recommend using the "Send to Articulate Presenter Package" feature to ZIP the content and then move them: