Videos not working

We are trying to debug our Articulate project.

We are using 09 version.

Our first project (Project 1) ran fine.  It had 31 slides, some of which had swf videos. Biggest video was approx 2.8MB in size and 3-4 minutes long in time.  It worked fine in preview mode.  Also when published (as LMS), we could execute launcher.html from ALL our desktops.

We started 2nd project and we are having a lots of issues with it.  The videos just refuse to play from desktops which do not have Articulate installed (videos of first project did).  Videos work fine only on those desktops where Articulate is installed.

We experimented the following (but no luck):
1. Used FLV formats instead of SWF:
2. Added videos to Engage

3. We copied the Project 1 and used it as a template

4. Read all the posts on Articulate site and tried them out

We also made following observation:
In the first project, when we added a video to the slide, we would see a "cross" on the slide.  In second project, we dont see this.

In powerpoint we accidentally went into VBA mode, we saw all slides of Project 1 in the project explorer window.  But we saw only 1 slide of Project 2 (it has several slides).

The videos are captured in Blue Berry Professional and exported as SWF with toolbar controls.

What could be wrong?  Any hints?

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Brian Batt

Hi Articulate Champ & welcome to Heroes,

I would actually recommend using FLV files instead of SWF files so that you don't have to worry about ActionScript conflicts.  From there, you'll want to take a look at your mime types on your server to see if that is preventing the FLV files from playing: