Videos publish to CD but disappear when I publish to Online


I am trying to publish a Presenter 09 presentation to Articulate Online, and the video content will no longer play. There are videos imbedded into some of the slides as well as into an Engage interaction. This same presentation published (sort of) fine when I "published to CD" and put it in a network folder (However, we had to get users to go directly into the folder and click on the "launch presentation" in order for it to work...when we sent it to them via a link in an e-mail the videos would again, not work.)

I have tried renaming the videos to simple names that have no spaces, underscores etc...

They are MP4 videos with the H264 Codec...

I have changed the presentation options for optimization for web delivery...

I have tried removing the videos and reloading them. For the in slide videos I tried both inserting using the video function in Powerpoint, and the Flash Movie insert via the articulate tab...

I am working off of a folder on my desktop and not off my network drive...

I am also having issues where my Quiz will only work selectively during the many attempts to publish it. The quiz has the same simple file name etc.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Chris,

When you're testing the published for web content are you testing it locally or within the intended environment? There are a few troubleshooting steps here in regards to why the videos may not be playing within your published content.

When publishing to CD, you'd need to share the entire contents of that folder with the users who would be accessing it and not just the one individual file link. You can either burn the published output to a CD or DVD for distribution, or do the following to distribute via another method (email, network drive, USB drive, etc.):

  1. Zip the content that was published for CD. (There is a Zip option on the Publish Successful dialog.)
  2. Distribute the zip file via your preferred method (email, network drive, USB drive, etc.).
  3. Users will need to save the zip file to their local hard drive, extract it, and then double-click the Launch_presentation.exe file. (Playing content directly from a network drive is not supported.)

If you're still having difficulty, please feel free to let us know and we may want to take a look at your Presenter Package to see how it behaves.