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I have a course created for which we want everyone to view all slides in a specific order, without being able to jump ahead, but are able to go back to slides view.   The issue is that within the course there is a slide that has a question.  If the viewer clicks one icon it takes it to one slide providing additional information and if the viewer clicks the second icon it takes them to a different slide providing information on that answer.   The user can only click on one icon.  So, no matter what the user answers, they will see one of the next two slides. 

The issue arises with setting the course so that the user must view the slides in order and cannot jump ahead.  The program stalls because the user has not seen the "optional answer" screen.   Is there a way to build the program or settings that I can alter so that the user must view all pages in order with the exception of one of the "optional" pages?

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Wende Olson

Thanks Peter - That is what I am doing. 

Slide 7 asks the user to click on a chart where they think a certain percentage of users falls?.   If they click below 20% they go to Slide 8.   If they click over 21% they go to slide 9.   We only want them to see one of the slides. 

However, with the "must view slides before they can proceed" turned on, the module won't progress because the user only viewed slide 8 OR slide 9.    Is there a better way to do this?  

Peter Anderson

Thanks for the additional info, Wende. If you set the navigation to Restricted in your player template, note that branching via Slide Properties will not work. Restricted navigation means that users can only view slides that have been previously viewed. Therefore, they will not be able to skip (branch) to other sections of the course. However, if you need to allow users to skip slides while using restricted navigation, you can use hyperlinks to jump to other slides in your course.