View Mode: Not Changing Back

Nov 21, 2011

Hi Heroes,

Here is the situation... 

  • I have a long slide presentation of core content. It uses the full sidebar view mode so learners can navigate.
  •  I've created "optional" content slides. They use the slide-only view mode to limit the learners from getting lost.
  • The learner navigates to the hidden slides via hyperlink, and back via the Slide Properties branching.
  • All works great except one thing...

When the learner clicks to the hidden slide, the view mode changes to slide-only and never changes back. Even when they click next and return to the corent content. They are stuck in slide-only.

I've tried publishing with and without the various modes allowed in the player skin. But is there any way to have it change back to the sidebar mode by default when they leave the hidden slides?



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Bob S

Doh!  I hate that when you post for help and figure it out right afterwards.

Anyway, for those that don't already know this (and I'm sure most here do) here is the fix for above...

In slide properties you do not have to set every slide to sidebar view; you only have to set the landing slide slide that the hidden slide branches back to. Then all the others in the course will follow suit until the next forced view mode change.

Hope this helps.

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