View on web?

An inst. designer we're working with has provided us with courses to view, but not provided directions on how to view them...and for the life of me, I cannot figure out how to get them to play. We got them in zip folders. I have extracted all and clicked on Videoplayer.html or player.html...both of which do nothing. I can't even remember if that's how you view them. I'm dying to see what they look like. Help!



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Phil Mayor

Hi Hallie, palyer .html is the correct file, ensure you have unzipped all the files

He may have been better publishing them to web and sending it to you and then you unzip and use the .exe file to open them

I expect you may be hitting a security issue with your browser, do you have any warnings in the browser, you could ask him to post them on dropbox and send you a link