Viewer Compatiblity

I am very new to Articulate '09 and have been advised by my LMS provider that there could be a problem with browser compatibility issues.

 After the course is published and posted to the LMS users are having problems with the course not showing complete even though they are completed.

 Could this be related to their browser?

 Some are running IE 8 and IE 9.

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Stefano Posti

Hello Annie,

and welcome to the Articulate community.

What LMS are you using? is it Moodle Version 1.9.x ? Is it somehow apache web server based?

If so, make sure your LMS homepage contains the following code:

and your LMS web server .htaccess file contains the following code:

BrowserMatch MSIE best-standards-support

Header set X-UA-Compatible IE=8 env=best-standards-support

That should fix compatibility issues!

Hope it helps,