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I have a slide with 6 boxes that can be clicked, which hyperlink to a different slide.  After viewing that slide, it'll hyperlink back to the slide with the 6 boxes.  I want the user to have to click on all 6 boxes before being able to move on.  After viewing one of the slides, I want the Articulate check box to appear, denoting that they have viewed the given slide (something similar to this was demonstrated in the daily webinar).  How can I do this? Thanks

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Robert! As Brian mentioned, it's currently not possible within PowerPoint/Presenter to visually show which boxes have been clicked or visited... what we did in the daily demo course is create duplicates of the slide with the 3 section names along the bottom. The course guides the learner through the content in a linear way, and at the beginning of each section, the duplicate slide appears, with annotations (checkmarks) indicating which sections they've completed so far. So essentially, it's acting as a progress meter as the learner moves through the content.

If you wanted to create a non-linear course, you could certainly create your menu with your six hyperlinked choices, and branch the learner back to the same menu slide after each section... however, out-of-the-box, you wouldn't be able to require the learner to visit every section, nor would you be able to show which sections have been visited.

Bob Mongiovi

You could use an Engage interaction, which you can set require all be seen to continue, but I've noticed a bug in it that if you first select the last item and wait 5 seconds, it lets you continue.  You can lock the navigation and press the rest of the buttons to get a 'Next Slide' button appear, but this isn't always what a client may want.  I had an issue where the client didn't want to have secondary navigation.  I had to scrap the Engage interactions and build linear in powerpoint, which was not favored by the client, but had no choice.