Viewing Attachments - help with following advice please

Hello folks

I had been having no problems in getting my attachements link to work, and now it won't.

A prompt comes up instead which directed me towards a Knowledge Base article which said

Why won't my attachments open in Internet Explorer?

If you're trying to view attachments locally or via CD with Internet Explorer 6, the browser's security features may block the attachments from opening.

To view attachments locally or on CD via Internet Explorer 6, remove the following code from player.html and launcher.html in your published output:

<!-- saved from url=(0014)about:internet -->

Note that removing this code will give you an ActiveX control warning that you will need to accept before you are able to continue -- when viewing content locally or via CD.

Now that all looks lovely - except I haven't a clue how to remove codes...........................  can someone guide me please?

thank you so much

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Peb Thomas

Thank you Phil

I couldn't find a launcher html, but did modify the player.hmtl and now I can open the attachments once I accept the active x alert prompt.

It's messed up the opening of the actual file itself though by immediately throwing up that same active x alert before I can even open the elearning up.  This will startle my learners - any idea how I can get back my smooth entry into the elearning?  I can put an explanation in of what to do when the active x prompt turns up from within my module - so I am not so concerned about the prompt turning up when they open the attachments.

keeping fingers crossed


Peb Thomas

Thank you for the reassurance Ron, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this problem will go with me.  My organisations internet explorer is beyond ancient and I suspect that maybe having an impact?  Either that or the layers of security that override all the computer work that is done. 

I will just have to wait and see