Viewing Attachments while taking Quizmaker quiz

I have a power point in Articulate Presenter and there are attachments that can be viewed when going through the course. Also, within that power point, I have a quiz from Quizmaker that is the final assessment. I want to be able to access these attachments while taking the quiz; however, when I click on the attachments link, I get a message stating "You must complete the quiz in order to continue." What changes do I need to make to allow the attachments to be accessed during the quiz?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lisa and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

How do you have your quiz properties set up? Do you have it set so that the user can leave the quiz at any time?

  • Allow user to leave quiz: Choose whether learners are allowed to close the player tab and return to the course at any time or only after they've completed the quiz (whether they pass or fail).

Check out this tutorial for further instruction if needed.