Viewing Presenations locally with Firefox and Flash


I have some quizzes that I publish and then launch locally. Before I updated to Flash, I used to be able to just go to the folder where I had published the presentation and launch the presentation (with Firefox as default). Now when I try to do it, I get a perpetual windmill (or whatever it is called). If I set the default browser for Explorer, the presentation lauches, but audio files i have linked to don't work. As I said, it worked just days ago, so I imagine the problem must have arisen from the updated Flash. (The problem only occurs when I view presentation locally). Anyone else have this problem?


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Joseph Flanagan

Hi everyone,

OK., I figured out how to fix the problem, but I imagine there is something odd going on with Flash. In order to view it, I needed to change some things. Publishing to "My Documents" doesn't work, so I published a new quiz to the desktop (so I wouldn't have any spaces), but that didn't work until I deleted the "-- quizmaker output part"  I imagine Flash a problem both with spaces and with dashes. Nothing to do but wait for a fix from Adobe?