Vimeo Users out there

Hello Vimeo Users,

I have had issues with large video files not publishing on presenter and while the issue is being looked into, I'm considering using Vimeo to host the video files and then embedding the links from video into presenter as a web object. For those who have been using vimeo, have you had a seamless experience doing this? Have the videos been working fine after adding as web objects? Which membership option do you use for this;basic,advanced pro, business? I dont need to edit the videos, all i need is to upload on the site.I would need to upload at least 20 videos in  a year.$199 seem alot for 20 videos per year.I must say the Vimeo site is not user friendly, its so hard to find information and no contact or customer service number to call.

Any advise  I can get from your experience will be much appreciated to help in the decision making process.


Maurine x

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