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Tom Kuhlmann

You can synchronise the Presenter Panel with the animations in a single slide by following the steps outlined in this article: Syncing Video In Presenter 09.  If you want to sychronize the video over several slides, then you will need to split up the video into smaller ones. The Presenter Panel will only play for one specific slide.

Gavin Henry

Hi Tom

I'm fairly new to the Articulate E-Learning tool, which i have to say looks awesome to say the least. I've seen some great work and tested some of the cool demos. I'm extremely interested in creating some Tutorials and other E-learning Products but most of all I'm trying to figure out what would be the best way to create a Video by slide presentation. (If your not sure what i mean i have added a couple examples below from of web casting solutions we use.)

The reason why i'm interested in using Articulate in this way is to take advantage of the functionality of interactive slides.

If anyone is familiar with creating Video Presentations then please do get in touch as it would be good to know.