Want to try Studio 360 but don't want to lose installed Presenter '09

Hi, I'm a current Presenter '09/Studio '13 client (though I'm still mostly using '09 to maintain consistent look and feel of older courses).  However I'm ready to try Articulate 360, mainly to fulfill the needs of recent customers who strongly desire to have everything mobile-friendly.

Question: if I install Articulate 360 will I have to delete my Presenter '09 installation?  I'm not sure if I'm ready to part with Presenter because of the learning curve ahead of me.  Even if I start building new courses with 360, can I keep the Presenter '09 install on my system, to go back to it if I need to?



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brandon,

You can always reinstall Presenter 09, but it'll be removed as a part of the installation process for Studio 360 (or Studio '13). Once you open a Studio 09 file into Studio 360, we'll make a back up copy of the original '09 file, because any changes you make into Studio 360 wont' be backwards compatible. 

If you're like our Support team you'll run a Windows Virtual Machine for each instance of Studio. ;-) 

Brandon Weidner

Thank for the reply Ashley. I have one other question, regarding legacy
sidebar video content on mobile.
I will be converting our courses originally created in Presenter '09 to
360. A large percentage of our slides are the 'traditional' video in
sidebar/PPT in main body, such as:

360 publishing to Desktop looks great, and there are already a few cosmetic
upgrades I have in mind (like eliminating those black horizontal bars in
the video, and simplifying the use controls).
So far so good.

But publishing to *mobile*, my question is - what do I have to do to retain
this familiar look-and-feel? It seems mobile just wants to place the video
in the middle of the screen if it's an .swf file.
If it's an actual video file, .mp4, the video simply disappears upon

Can you direct me to a Help file that specifically addresses upgrading
legacy Presenter content to 360, or the *Best Way to Retain your Video
Assets for Mobile Output,* or something along those lines?
Or anything you'd like to add? : )

Thanks again!

Best Regards,

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brandon,

Within Articulate 360 if you publish for HTML5 you'll see the new responsive player on a mobile device, or publishing for Articulate Mobile player, you'll see the content launch in the player available within the iOS App or Android Play Stores. 

We have gotten a bit of feedback that folks would like to see one player across any output, so our team is hard at work on a unified player that you'll be able to use in Storyline/Studio 360. We'll keep you posted once specifics of what and how that'll display are available and once we're able to release it. 

In the meantime, it sounds like some of your videos aren't coming through during the upgrade process and that's something our team would be glad to take a look at. Do you know how to create a Presenter package and send along to our Support Engineers here?