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Robert Kennedy

I believe there may be several approaches  You can possibly make your watermark or logo image apart of your master slide and then make sure your Engage & Quizmaker slides are transparent players so that the watermark/logo will show through.  This, of course, is assuming that you are integrating all into one presentation and not separately.

David Anderson

Hi Lorraine,

One thing you can do is create a single Flash file that loads an image file with your logo in it. It requires Flash, but you can simply modify the URL and image file to quickly customize for your own uses.

  1. Create 2 flash documents at 980x640
  2. Name one file watermark.fla and name the other loader.fla
  3. Add one line of code in loader.fla to load your watermark file: 
     loadMovieNum("http://articulate-community.s3.amazonaws.com/david/z/watermark/watermark.swf", 100); 
  4. Insert loader.swf into your first slide via Articulate > Insert Flash Movie

Demo with watermark in lower right corner: Preview

Screencast: https://player.vimeo.com/video/204933200

Articulate Package: Download

Flash CS5 file: Download

Steve Flowers

The slide itself unloads, Brian. Any Flash movies you place on a slide are replaced as the entire level reloads. As I remember (It's been awhile) movies or clips shuttled into a layer cause the destruction of the previous contents within the player. They should be dropping from memory space.

They don't in David's example above because he's forcing the watermark into an unused level. It never gets overwritten.

David Anderson

Hey Brian - honestly, I dont know how Flash files are handled in memory vs. cache. 

But if you load 20 custom movies into the same level, then each newly loaded movie will replace the previous movie--only one movie can exist in a level at one time.

How are you inserting/loading your custom Flash interactions? If you're inserting them via Articulate > Insert Flash, then they'll work like your other slide content.

This example is a bit of a hack since I'm circumventing Presenter's normal way of inserting Flash files. Presenter won't know what I load or unload--I have to tell it what to do each time. I reckon you could include either a line of code or a Flash movie that unloads the movies.