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Gabe Anderson

Hi labord- welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

I assume just creating a link to launch your HTML wouldn't work? Is this custom HTML on your computer that you'll be inserting, and not an existing website? If it's an existing website, you could just hyperlink directly to the site.

Otherwise, try this...

To launch a Web Object in a new window, it would require loading a new slide. Within the slide, you can't specify to load the Web Object on click (only after a duration of X seconds), so here's what you could do as a work-around:

  1. Create a duplicate of your slide that will contain the link to launch the Web Object.
  2. Hide the new slide from navigation (so the slide title will only appear once, if you're using the Standard view mode).
  3. Add a link on the first slide that links to the new slide (the copy of itself).
  4. In Slide Properties, set the first slide to Advance by User.
  5. On the new slide, insert your Web Object (and you could also disable the link or just underline the text to make it look like the link has been clicked - see below demo).

This should give the appearance that the user clicks the link on the slide and launches the Web Object.

Here's a quick demo of this method (you'll want to make sure your users allow pop-up windows for your site).