Web Object get rid of scrollbars with table of contents showing!

Aug 10, 2011

I've spent hours trying to figure out what seems to be a simple solution.

I have a full screen Captivate 5.5 movie demo that I shot at 700px by 520px. I inserted it into my Articulate Presenter presentation. In standard view, with a table of contents showing, how do I get the movie to fit into the right window without triggering scrollbars? I need to see the Captivate controller so that the Captivate movie can be started or stopped or rewound.

My index.html file looks like this:



<object width="700" height="520">

<param name="movie" value="a1_05.swf">

<embed src="a1_05.swf" width="700" height="520">





Example Test: http://www.hiveminddesign.co/test/player.html

It needs to fit inside a display that is 1028 x 768 (laptop) and not show scrollbars.

Can anyone help me? I beg you! I'll make you toll house cookies!

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steve mcmillen

Well the quick solution is to get a bigger screen.

One option would be to adjust your Articulate player template to 'lock presentation at the optimal size'.  This is under the 'Other' tab in the Player Template window.  This will lock the articulate player at it's intended size and and it will prevent scaling of the content area.  Though this might mean that now on smaller screens that the Articulate player itself it to tall.  When you factor in browser address and toolbars you don't have a ful 768 height for content.

One thing we did to prevent this issue (a bit) was to make sure that when a user clicked the link to launch the lesson that it was opened up in a new browser window that didn't have the tool bar on it, this gets you a good deal of extra pixels for the viewable content area.  Typically you can set this in your LMS or you can do this with straight JavaScript as well if your not in an LMS.

Hope that helps a bit.

Lori Yeater

Thanks, both of you. I'll see if they'll allow me to open it in a new window...I wish I could just tell all 5,000 of them to get bigger screens, but prolly better not

The 100% wide tip helped a little...I can now see the whole captivate movie in the window, but the vertical scroll bar is still triggered. Still that might be just fine. It would just be nice if I could not trigger the vertical scroll bar...I just know they're going to ask me to get rid of it, since you can see the whole captivate movie.

See the improvement? http://www.hiveminddesign.co/test/player.html

Thanks again...I'm open to more ideas for how to get rid of that dang scrollbar. Thanks, dear community.

Lori Yeater

I appreciate that...but even opening it in a new window at full size doesn't get rid of the scrollbars. At least now I can see my entire captivate movie in the pane...but it's annoying there isn't an obvious way to get rid of that vertical bar. It just looks sloppy and I have no good reason to tell my client why I can't make it go away.


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