Web Object in Front of Dialog Box

Hello everyone,

I am having a problem with web objects in presenter.  My course is setup with navigation to restricted - can only view current and previous slides.  What happens is when I start the course, and the web object opens, if the user tries to click ahead using the outline navigation, the dialog box opens explaining that You may only view slides that you have already viewed.  The problem is that this dialog box opens behind the web object, and there is no way for the user to get to it.  This makes all navigation stop and the presentation fozen.  The only way is to refresh the browser and start back from this slide andf hope the user doesnt click the outline tab while interacting with the web object.

In presenter, you cannot send the web object to back.  I dont want to have to have the web object play in full screen view as I want the user to be able to see where they are in the presentation.  Is there a way to change where the dialog box opens?  So it can appear beside the slide, maybe on top of the outline tab?  That way the user can get to it?


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David Burton


If you are using restricted navigation and a user advances before the timing of the web object slide has completed, everything but the web object will become un-clickable and the user will not be able to proceed with the presentation. Please see the following article which outlines the issue and provides several workarounds:

I hope this helps!