Web object margin or Engage background margins?

Hi all,

I'm not sure if this is a Presenter question related to inserting web objects or related to the Engage interaction I'm publishing. I scoured both the old and new forums to no avail. BTW - I'm not so fond of the search functionality of the new forums.

Here's a screen shot based on a preview from Presenter:

I've inserted the Engage tabbed interaction as a web object into my PowerPoint (after changing the engage.html to index.html and the sizes from px to 100% and show all). I'd like to minimize the white marginsĀ  of the Engage so it fits better on the screen.

Any thoughts on this?



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Leah Hemeon

Thanks Blair. I went back and tried this approach. I think it could work but would prefer to use the web object since Articulate automatically gathers those files itself. I don't trust myself to remember to copy over the files each time I publish and I'll be handing this over to someone else to maintain in the future. I had hoped to keep it as simple as the web object.

Anyone else have any tips for the web object margins? If not I think I'll go with Blair's thought.


Kat Fardian

Hi Leah,

I think it's a web object thing. I've created a flash object but because it uses Action Script 3.0 I have to insert it as a web object. When I do the object is smaller when viewed in presenter than when viewed externally. I.e. when viewing outside presenter the object is the exact right height but when in presenter, even though I use the custom dimensions it seems to scale down and have a border space around it.

Unfortunately I haven't discovered the solution yet but if I do I'll let you know!


Leah Hemeon

Thanks everyone. I think for now I'm going to use the swf option since it's getting me the closest to the look I want for the course.

@Phil - I didn't want to use the standard Engage insert because we've had feedback from our learners having trouble when the navigation moves (for example, from the bottom labelled as next, to the top in the Engage). By using the swf I can include the template navigation.

@Kat - please do let me know if you find a solution to the extra space. I looked at the HTML but I'm not as proficient with it as I used to be.

Thanks again everyone for your ideas!