Web Object not displaying after I publish the file...

Hi all, I really hoping you guys can help me out with the issue Im experiencing...

I put together a small PPT and have included an embedded youtube video via web object.  (I follow the instructions from this screenr video //www.screenr.com/nqO) When I preview before publishing the video shows up and plays as expected, but when I try to view the video after I publish, there is just a blank spot where the video is supposed to be.  There is no error or anything like that, just a blank spot.  

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

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Justin Student

Can you be a little more detailed Brian? I have the same error as Justin R: When viewing published Aticulate files, for the page I added a Web Object there is just a blank spot where the video is supposed to be.  There is no error or anything like that, just a blank spot in Firefox and a error screen in IE9.

Are you suggesting I am not able to locally view a published Articulate file with a link to a youtube video? Are you suggesting I have to publish to my LMS on the web before I am able to see this page properly? Please note, as the IE error suggests to open in a new window, I do not want the link to open in another web browser tab\page. I want to view it within this articulate environment on the same page so my learners do not get distracted from this module......

Attached are three photos; the original page with a web object added in Powerpoint, and an example of the error when this published page is displayed in both IE9 and Firefox version 3.6.18:

PPT page with Web Object

Firefox Published display:

Internet Explorer 9 Published Display:

Does anyone know exactly how to make this call to the youtube site work properly, both locally when published and when I deploy live online?


Justin R

JS, I figured out what was happening with the embedded video and was finally able to get it play correctly after publishing.  It has to do with the security settings for the flash player.  I was using Firefox and this is how I fixed the problem: (this is from a mac, so the menu and options may be a bit different for PC users)

1. Open and begin playing the player.html file
2. When the security message pops up, click the "settings" button, or right click on the slide and select "global settings"
3. Select "advanced" from the menu
4. Then click "trusted location settings" and then "add file"
5. Navigate to the folder containing the published articulate files and add the whole folder to the trusted file list
6. Close the menu and refresh the page

Here is a helpful link too:  http://www.articulate.com/support/kb/000699.php .  Let me know if this works for you....

jennifer mcconnell


I have tried all of the suggestions related to this issue to no avail. I am loading and accessing all my content from our content server.

I have created a test in captivate and added it to my powerpoint/presenter file as a web object. I have tried everything, but the quiz will not display after I publish the powerpoint/presenter file.

It displays in captivate, it displays when I preview in powerpoint/presenter and I can load the captivate file to a server and just access the test, I can even preview the file after I add it as a web object using the Test link option. But as soon as I publish it and access it from the server, I get nothing.

Your assistance is appreciated!

jennifer mcconnell

No. I am careful not to use special characters or spaces in my file/path names in both Captivate and Articulate files.

Here's a link to try:


I have tried other player files (that already existed on the server) and they launch fine, but mine or the ones where I have tried adding a web object do not (i haven't tried a file without a web object) maybe I should do that next....

Thanks again for your help!

jennifer mcconnell


It seems I can load the captivate index file and other articulate files but I cannot load any articulate files that I created. I created one with and one without a web object and I am unable to load either one. But, again can load articulate player files that other people created and the index.html file outputted from Captivate.



Brian Batt

Hi Jennifer,

No, the trial version and the activated versions of Articulate are exactly the same.  There's no restrictions in the trial other than once it runs out, you can no longer use the authoring tool.

To clarify, are you able to see anything when you preview?  What happens when you publish to your computer & then click on View Presentation?  

jennifer mcconnell

Thanks. I tried that as well and still experienced the same problem.  I finally uninstalled and reinstalled the suite and still no luck.

It seems not all of the files are being published - the data folder containing the necessary swf files is empty......

I don't know what else to try at this point.......