Web Object not working on Quiz Results Page in HTML5 - Articulate Studio 360

In an Articulate Studio 360 (PowerPoint 2016) project, I have an embedded web object on a Quiz Results Page which works perfectly when running in Flash mode, but does not work when running in HTML5 mode.

When inspecting the code in Chrome, the frame is present for the Web object and there is some html code, but the body tag is empty. This behavior is the same when running locally and via a web server. It is also the same behavior with a local web object and a web-hosted one.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Michael,

Thank you for reaching out here. I created a test file In Presenter 360 with 2 quiz questions and a web object on the results slide, and I also found that the Results slide did not work as expected when viewed with HTML5 in Chrome. Would you mind sharing your Articulate Package with our Support Engineers here so they can investigate this issue further? If you do reach out to our Support Engineers, please share your case number with me so I can follow along with your case, as well. 

Michael Antalek


Thanks for your prompt response.

The package is attached. It currently has a local and http-based web object on the results screen.

Essentially, I need to run a JavaCode script when a quiz is passed to update a non-SCORM LMS that we work with. If there is another simple option besides the web object to run JavaScript within the results page, then please let me know.



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Michael,

I submitted your Articulate Package to our Support Engineers for review (case# 00984121 for my reference). They will troubleshoot the issue with the web object not working as expected on the Quiz Results slide.

In regards to running a JavaCode script when the quiz is passed, that is not something I can offer support for. However, many users in this community are skilled at using Javascript, and hopefully they can chime in and share their experience here!