Web Object opens in new window in IE

Hi, I'm having a strange issue with a web object in Articulate Presenter.  I've inserted a web object that is a survey viewed on a web page.  In Firefox, the page displays fine right on an Articulate slide, and I can take the survey, etc.  In Internet Explorer 8, when I get to the slide with the web object, it opens a new browser window on top of the Articulate presentation (even though I checked to view the web object in the slide).  The browser window that opens is too small to view the content and it can't be resized. I've added a screenshot to show you what's happening. Any ideas?

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Brian Batt

Hi Carrie,

Can you try deleting the slide, publishing your presentation, closing PowerPoint, re-opening PowerPoint, and then reinserting the web object into your presentation?  When you insert the web object, do not change the size of it.  Then, republish your presentation & see if you can replicate the issue.