Web object video is not sync with presenter player

Hi Heroes,

  Is anyway to sync webobject video with presenter Player (pause/play)

I have dropped video in dropbox, and i embad the link in presenter by using web object, while inserting there is no option ( Synchronize with slide and movie) as like importing FLV files.

How to control the video by using articulate player?. i don't want seekbar, i need to control only play/pause and next and previous.

Any idea how to achieve this?



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David Anderson

Hi Nirmal - Web objects will remain separate and outside the control of Presenter's seekbar. If you need to control the playback of a video inserted in a web object, your video will need its own seekbar.

Is there a specific reason you're using web objects rather than inserting into the slide for playback?

Nirmal AP

Hi David,

My video's have own seekbar and other functions, but i have to restrict the users to watch full video before getting into next slide. Now the navigation gets blink within 2 or 3 min, user can able to go to next slide without watching the full video. For that reason i need player control.

Initially i was used to import the video(FLV) directly. but my course have lot of videos, the whole package contains 4GB. i tried to upload in moodle (moodle is installed in my hoster server). My hoster have some upload size limitation. For that reason i have uploaded my video files to dropbox and connected the link here.


David Anderson

Thanks Nirmal, that makes sense.

The tradeoff with web objects is you get all this cool functionality--load external content like wikis, videos, social media--but you can't track or synchronize the content with your player.

If you're trying to ensure learners watch the entire video, you could look at Quizmaker. With Quizmaker, you can insert videos and control slide advancing through the timeline. Here are some demos on ways you could work with Quizmaker to ensure learners view content before continuing:

David Anderson

You're welcome. I hope that helps.

Are you asking about video dimension size or file size? We have a great job aid that lists the media dimensions for Engage, Quizmaker and Presenter.

You can also specify the quality settings of your video using Video Encoder if you have Studio. How large is the video file you're working with?