Web objects are blocking presenter panel flyout & toolbar tabs

Dec 27, 2010

I have a presenter panel in my sidebar, and it includes a "Bio" and "Email" button on it. I just realized that if a user clicks on either of those buttons to get the little flyout panel, AND if they happen to be on a slide with a web object, the web object covers up the panel that slides out from the sidebar.

The same thing happens if a user clicks on one of my tabs on the upper part of my player. I have a FA interaction up there, and an attachments list, and they're both hidden if someone trys to access them from my web object slide. How can I fix that?

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi Bob - Web objects always display on the top layer of your course, so there's currently not really a way to prevent that from happening. But here's one thing that can help. You could go into Articulate Presenter's Slide Properties and change the view mode to Slide Only on the slides that contain web objects. This way the presenter panel won't be displayed on that slide, nor will the toolbar tabs on the upper edge of your player. So, users won't be able to see or click on those items till they leave the web object slide.

If you go that route, and you want the slide after that to go back to Standard View or No Sidebar View (both of which display the sidebar & toolbar tabs), you'll want to use the Slide Properties manager to change the next slide back to Standard or No Sidebar. If the Change View column is blank in Slide Properties, the slide will just stay in whatever view mode as the slide before it.

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