Web Objects in Articulate Presenter


I have tried several times to publish a module with multiple web objects (built in Captivate 5.5), but it wll not work.

I have watched the tutorial on how to create web objects several times.  I created a folder and an index.html  for each web object (12 now, maybe more added).

When I insert the web object and click Test Link, it just points to the files.  I have to click the file to make it run.  So already, it does not function like the tutorial, because in the tutorial, the file launches when the instructor clicks Test Link.

So, I move forward and publish and view it locally.  Again, the files display in the location: I click the files and they run.  However, when I publish to my LMS (proprietary), it displays the "Interet Explorer cannot launch the file" message.

I feel I am just a few steps away from making this work, so I am desparate to know what I am missing?  Is it a set up in Articulate I need to change?

BTW, I am running Articulate 9, Captivate 5.5,  and Windows 7.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

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Adrienne Brown

Yes (I am VERY familiar with this video). J


I followed every step.  The difference I saw automatically is that when I go to insert Web Object and click Test Link, it goes to the path of the swf file and the index.html.  It does not automatically launch the video (as in this and other videos I have watched).


Adrienne Brown

Sorry if this is taking me a while to get this:  this is new to me:

I have 12 swf files. I created 12 folders (web object 1,2,etc.) and in each folder I created the .html and inserted the swf filefolder. I placed the 12 folders in the directory with the other pieces of the module .  I uploaded a copy.