Web Objects MIsplaced - not centered

In articulate Presenter '09 I have not had issues with placing a Web Object in a slide and having it display where one would basically expect it to show up when running the published lesson.

However, Presenter '13 is a different story. It seems that no matter where I place my Web Object, it always initially appears shifted to the left side of the player, with part of it underneath the player layer. When I hover over the WO (Web Object), that portion of the player disappears and I can see most of the WO if I resize the browser, but it is shifted to the left (Not to the right like in StoryLine 2 See this: http://www.articulate.com/support/storyline/web-object-is-misplaced ).

Even odder, if I go to the next slide after the one with the embedded WO, and then go back two slides and then hit the slide with the WO a 2nd time, the WO now appears more centered, closer to where one woudl have expected it the first time. My Web Object is large, 900x545 - but again in '09 I've not had these issues as I've been able to reposition the WO in the slide to make it visible and centered (L to R).

Any ideas?

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Jeff Schlaybach

Will still get you a package but wanted to post an update....

I came upon this Captivate article that appears to have helped in my efforts to insert Web Objects created in Captivate 6 & 8 into Presenter '13 (and '09 for that matter): http://captivatedev.com/2011/08/28/scaling-adobe-captivate-content-across-browsers/

Now before I raise my hand in victory, let me say that one thing that would make my life even better, is if when I turn off the notes,menu, logo and presenter in the new player, that I'd be given the full window width as was the case in '09 when you said 'No sidebar' or 'Slide only'. I really need this to get my Web Objects full size. But having said that, here's what I've found.

1 - If I make the changes to the <webobject>.html file as discussed in the article above, I have a Web Object that will resize to the size of the browser window! This is a huge step forward in using Web Objects.

2 - If I then insert this Web Object into a Presenter '13 slide and turn on notes, and do some resizing and positioning (left justify to the PP working slide area ), I get a pretty nice looking Web Object (WO). Smaller than I'd like, but I can resize the browser window to enlarge now.

3- If I turn off the notes/menu/logo/presenter to try and get as much slide space for my Web Object, and position correctly in the slide, I get a centered Web Object. Unfortunately, it is not any larger than what I get even with the notes turned on as in step #2.

Also - it has the bad behavior of shifting to the right (not the left as I saw and reported in my first post above) when I go to the previous slide and then hit this slide a 2nd time. For some reason it renders the WO to the right and the player covers some of the right portion up unless you move the mouse to the WO. (Compare this with the screen shot above)

BTW: For a comparison to '09, see this screen shot and note how much larger the working area is to insert a WO in that older player! It had much less white space as compared to the new player.

Jeff Schlaybach


Please find the package attached (please make private).

More Details: Slide 2 exhibits the odd Web Object location behavior when you run it a 2nd time (go to slide 3, go back to slide 2).

Using Windows 7, PP 2007, Articulate '13 update 4, Captivate 8.

One final note: In trying to create a package to upload, I found that the ppta file was huge (20MB) even though I deleted all but 5 slides. Looked for a solution to this on help and forums, for a way to reduce this after deleting slides. After trying what I did find: (republishing to the Web, closing PowerPoint, etc.) nothing helped.

So I created a new pptx file, copied in the 5 slides of interest, exported the audio from the first project and imported into the new one. I republished this and the ppta file went from 20MB down to 1.5MB. Seems there must be an easier way.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jeff! Sorry for the delay, I was unexpectedly out of the office yesterday.

With the use of the local web object that is in your file, I am unable to work with this file. It does not publish properly for me to see the issue that you are reporting here.

You can check out our support documentation here and if you feel this is something that we should look further into, I'd suggest a support caseso that one of our engineers can follow and assist.

Jeff Schlaybach

I'd be happy to send you the published .zip file because that should have ALL of the Web Object content. The package you asked for appears to only have 3 files in it, and none of the Web Object information.

I'll open up a support case and hopefully I can upload the published .zip file so your team can see exactly what I'm seeing, and if they need additional files, I can send them as well.

Jeff Schlaybach

I did, thank!

Unfortunately a fix does not appear to be forthcoming which will limit our ability to move from the '09 to the '13 product. Note also in the example from Gren, that the Web Object completely stops playing after the first time through slide 2 (the one with the WO inserted).

Hopefully your QA dept takes this issue seriously enough (given that it affects two of your products) to get a fix quickly in a future update.

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your reply.

After further tests, I was able to replicate the issue that you have reported with the incorrect display of the web object. You can see the sample Presenter content here, which shows the issue:

As you have mentioned, this is similar to the known issue in Storyline:

We'll forward this to our Quality Assurance team for further review. However, I cannot offer a time frame for when or if this issue will be resolved.

Unfortunately, there isn't any workaround that is possible at this time, other than displaying in a new window if you'd like the web object to display in full screen.

Just reply to this email if you need more help.


Gren Foronda
Customer Support Engineer

Paul Miller

I'm not sure if this fall into the same category, but I was having an issue embedding captivate into PowerPoint and published as html 5 using Presenter.

All works, except on the iPad the captivate document either displays at a smaller resolution or, it displays in a window with scroll bars. I think it depends if you chose to scale the content during publishing in Captivate.

I added a screen capture from the iPad. This might better explain what's going on. Because the content is proprietary, I needed to blur it. This example doesn't show the scroll bars, but with the content scaled.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Paul,

Thanks for sharing the image here and some more information about your set up. I took a look at the issue Leslie mentioned above that was report to our QA team, and it was specific to the "Web Object is misplaced (not centered, displayed a bit to the right of the slide) when the menu in the web object slide is hidden, and the menu is displayed in some other slide in the presentation." It sounds like your issue is a bit different? Do you only see this with embedded Captivate content? You mentioned it's dependent on scaling setting you choose within the Captivate publishing - maybe you could share a bit more about that here so that other Captivate users can weigh in. 

Paul Miller

Ashley - It is a bit different, but it does pertain to the Web Object.

Yes, it's only happening with embedded Captivate documents publish as HTML5 and viewed using an iPad. Although when viewed using a Flash enabled browser, as it's loading, it displays  smaller and then expands to fill the space once completely loaded.

When publishing a Captivate project, you can choose to publish as HTML5, Flash, or both. There's also an option to scale content. When the check box is unchecked to scale content, the Captivate displays in a small window with scroll bars.

I need to do some more testing, as soon as I can find some time.