Web Objects MIsplaced - not centered

In articulate Presenter '09 I have not had issues with placing a Web Object in a slide and having it display where one would basically expect it to show up when running the published lesson.

However, Presenter '13 is a different story. It seems that no matter where I place my Web Object, it always initially appears shifted to the left side of the player, with part of it underneath the player layer. When I hover over the WO (Web Object), that portion of the player disappears and I can see most of the WO if I resize the browser, but it is shifted to the left (Not to the right like in StoryLine 2 See this: http://www.articulate.com/support/storyline/web-object-is-misplaced ).

Even odder, if I go to the next slide after the one with the embedded WO, and then go back two slides and then hit the slide with the WO a 2nd time, the WO now appears more centered, closer to where one woudl have expected it the first time. My Web Object is large, 900x545 - but again in '09 I've not had these issues as I've been able to reposition the WO in the slide to make it visible and centered (L to R).

Any ideas?

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Dan Austin


Can you elaborate on your solution? Having the same issue here, tried to completely disable the menus in the player, then add menu in using the "Slide Properties" on the slides that need a menu:


Also added in all menu options, Menu, Notes and Glossary, still shows off center:


The only way i can get the Web Objects to center is using FireFox and HTML5, which this is the only feature that really works in HTML5 on FireFox.