Web Objects Move sideways - standard behaviour?

Hi All,

Iàm just trying out Presenterà13. Really like what I have seen so far.

I have encountered a problem though with web objects, which are moving )to the left= of where I placed them on my slides.

I am trying to demonstrate an adaptive e'learning website through a browser. The web object works fine when it's full size, but when when I reduce the web object's window size, the web object display's to the left of where I placed it.

Please see slides 26,27 & 28 on this presentation. Note how 26 works fine, but 27 & 28 have both moved away from the objects where they were placed.


Any help, pointers or advice would be much appreciated.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Seth!

Are you seeing the same results with this published output, because I am not:


I did not change anything, simply used the few slides we were working with.

How did you publish your presentation?

I went ahead and re-published your full version here:


Can you try to re-publish and see what you come up with?

Seth Dickens

Hi Leslie,

Thanks again for your help. I do appreciate it.

I should say, you did change something compared to my presentation, yours has the menu switched on, and mine doesn't.

I've re-published now using the menu, and my content is now working fine. however - I didn't want to have to use the menu :O)

Here's my new content: http://blendedlanguagelearning.com/portfolio/Test/21Aug2014/presentation.html

I wonder, for curiosity's sake, could you try republishing my previous content again without the menu on the left?