Web Output from Presenter 13

I have a web presentation that will located on an internal company public SharePoint area. I have renamed the main presenter file, given it a .aspx extension,  and confirmed that it plays correctly.  There are a number of other files at the room of the web output package.  Is there documentation on what the other files are needed for?  I'd like to delete any files that aren't going to be used by individuals running the training from a company pc on the internal network.



Kit Blair


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Kit Blair

Yes, I will provide the URL as the link.  However, this is an internal public site, so the other files are visible.   I am renaming the correct presenter file to be launched to the training name.   On the other files, however,  I believe I answered my own question by publishing and excluding the HTML5 and Mobile options, I can see the required files at the top level of the folder.   The multiple html files that were originally listed has been reduced and the presentation works correctly. 

It would be helpful to have a list of files and what each is used for as an aid.  Does anyone have a list of what files are published with each of the publication options?